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I'm in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts and majoring in ceramics. I'm constantly surrounded by clay and thinking about claying.

I find equal joy in functional and conceptual ceramics. I thought this would be a good space to share a few projects I created in my studies. They are important pieces to me and I wish to share them with the world.

Picture 1.png

The earthiest material I could get my hands on, clay. Since I was a young child I've been playing with clay, hanging out in a family friends pottery studio was how it all began. From then on my love for it has only grown stronger. 

I love the different stages of clay and endless possibilities. The raw malleable stage, the leather hard stage perfect for carving, the bisque when you get to decide the glaze, and finally the fully fired stage when you get to see the finished piece.

This piece discusses domestic violence in Australia. Working with multiples gave me the opportunity to express this topic in terms of statistics. There are 651 pebbles here that represent the victims that died due to domestic violence from 2002 through to 2012. 
Being in a very present state during the creation I rolled each piece of clay and then compressed them in between my hands. This created a marking representing pressure the victims were under, their power and support from me as an artist. These markings also represent individuality and how each victims story is just as important and valid as any other. 

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